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Faded Iris
20 January
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Born in Frankford...a neighborhood in philadelphia, go to school in the suburbs, yee haw! I have one brother and he lives in Tennesse, I play goalie in Soccer and lacrosse, I stage manage plays at my school, and i love it. The theatre is my life...I write like mad, I'm in a writers group online, and trying to get into a summer program, crossing my fingers on that one...I read alot, favorite author is Ayn Rand and favorite book is Atlas Shrugged which she wrote, i try not acknowledge her book "Anthem" because i hate that book. I'm a horror movie fanatic, if its a horror movie chances are i've heard of it and a roller coaster fanatic mostly due to me buddy Mark...Yep that's it...

system of a down is love
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atlas shrugged is love
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